Introduction to the Call for Contemplation and Action for Monarchs and Other Imperiled Pollinators April 14th, on the 50th Anniversary of Rachel Carson’s Death

Rachel Carson
Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, in the woods near her home in 1962. Photograph: Alfred Eisenstaedt / Time Pictures



We welcome America’s rural and urban communities, faith-based communities, college and university campuses, community gardens and botanical gardens, as well as non-profits of all kinds to join us in a day of action  and contemplation for imperiled pollinators from dusk on April 13th (Palm Sunday) to dusk on April 14th (Rachel Carson’s death anniversary).

Through her landmark book Silent Spring, Rachel Carson changed American science policy. Her own studies and her eloquence changed the way the government provides oversight on a variety of issues which affect the health of our lands and waters, and human health as well. Carson was also a keen naturalist who was among the first to observe and document some risks which the untargeted use of pesticides or herbicides may pose for pollinators such as monarch butterflies and bees. Of course, today, we are aware of additional factors—from climate change to habitat fragmentation to diseases and pests—which are also affecting the health and abundance of butterflies and bees, and these stresses should be taken into account in our policies as well.

Given that the numbers of honey bees, bumblebees and monarch butterflies may now be lower than at any point in our lifetimes, this spring is an appropriate time for Americans to show the concern for, love of and commitment to the pollinators which help bring us our daily bread and offer nature’s services to keep our food system secure. We envision April 14th as a day of citizen science to recommit Americans to advancing Carson’s remarkable legacy.

Events will take place all across North America from dusk on April 13th to dusk the next day, in whatever form a community chooses to do as a fitting collective response to their own concerns. Contact us at through our Facebook and Twitter links found elsewhere on this website to report to us what your community has chosen to do.

Our Winged Credo, Metamorphosis essay and resources for liturgies and celebrations postings posted on the website can help you in shaping your own events. They are found below.


A Day of Action – Download

Metamorphosis – Download

Winged Credo – Download

A Liturgy for the Butterflies – Download

A Liturgy for the Butterflies Booklet – Download


We are grateful to the following co-sponsors of this event:


We welcome other co-sponsors; please contact Ina Warren to be listed as a co-sponsor.



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