Restoring Life’s Fabric: The Biological Bottom Line

CLICK ON PHOTO to view David Suzuki's video.
CLICK ON PHOTO to view David Suzuki’s video.


“We’ve framed the environmental problem the wrong way. There is no environment out there and we’re here, and we’ve got to regulate our interaction with it. We are the environment. There is no distinction. What we are doing to our surroundings, we’re doing directly to ourselves.”

About this Talk
In this masterful, spirited distillation of the essence of ecology and human affairs, Dr. David Suzuki probes the science of why quite literally we are the environment – the air, earth, fire and water that compose life. He traces the life of a molecule of argon gas to show how it may have been breathed by dinosaurs, Jesus and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He reminds us that we are genetic relatives with all of life’s diverse expressions. The biosphere is also the source of everything that makes our economy and life possible. The real bottom line is the biological bottom line, he says, and it’s determined by our biological, social and spiritual needs, not by an abstract human-made “economy.”

About David Suzuki
David Suzuki, Ph.D., is a globally renowned Canadian biologist and geneticist and one of the world’s greatest environmental science educators, broadcasters, writers and conservationists. He is most widely known for his television and radio series, including the long-running CBC program, The Nature of Things, played in syndication in over 40 countries. Suzuki is the author of 52 books (15 for children), including The Sacred Balance, Wisdom of the Elders, Inventing the Future, and the best-selling Looking At series of children’s science books. A long-time climate change activist, he co-founded the David Suzuki Foundation in 1990 “to find ways for society to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us.” He has won countless honors, including, most recently, the prestigious Right Livelihood Award (2009). Suzuki has also worked with many indigenous peoples and is an advocate for their rights and lands.

RADIO PROGRAM | Restoring Life’s Fabric: The Biological Bottom Line
Is the economy the most important thing? Canadian geneticist, author, and television producer David Suzuki says the economy is just a subset of ecology. Drawing on native wisdom and state-of-the-art science, he vividly demonstrates that what we do to what surrounds us, we do to ourselves, and suggests how to restore the fabric of the biosphere.

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