Traveling Mercies for Pollinators

butterflyDearest Creator,
please watch over all the pollinators in flight
who help to bring us our daily bread from your Creation,
and keep them safe from the many perils they face along the way.

I pray that we give special attention to your humble pilgrims
the migratory pollinators, from imperiled monarch butterflies,
to dozens of hummingbirds and nectar-feeding bats,
safeguarding them from the risks of habitat loss and toxins,
and to the honeybees and native bees as they move each morning
from hive or nest to flower to pollinate our food crops.

Keep our farmers, farmworkers and pesticide applicators safe
and let them all work with alert minds that do “least harm.”
And keep our mobile beekeepers safe as they traverse our continent,
from apple orchards in the Carolinas clear to the almond groves of California.

Let us prayerfully work to take better care of all creation,
including the many wildflowers, forage plants and nesting habitats on farms and ranches,
in gardens and schoolyards, that their beauty may remind us of your presence
in every breath we take, and in every morsel of food we eat.

Prayer by Gary Paul Nabhan, OEF, Brother Coyote —for— Make Way For Monarchs. org .
Drawing: Paul Mirocha


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