Nina Veteto, Divide and Multiply

For longtime butterfly lover Nina Veteto, a plant called Milkweed is the answer to the disappearing Monarch butterfly and their declining 2,000-mile annual migration.

Based in North Carolina, Nina’s project Divide and Multiply aims to propagate Milkweed, which is essential for healthy Monarch habitat. They will then distribute the plants to 15 non-profit organizations and schools that have signed on to maintain butterfly habitat this year. Nina will be working with local schools to raise monarchs in the classrooms thereby allowing the students to see the monarch’s magical transformation from egg to butterfly and ensuring that these hand-raised, healthy adults join the migration. In addition, Divide and Multiply are aimint to partner with sustainable farmers interested in growing Milkweed on their land.

“My project creates healthy habitat for monarchs and all manner of pollinators. We also plan to directly help this year’s monarch population by raising several hundred monarchs from egg to butterfly,” Nina said.

Funds from the Pollination Project will purchase Milkweed plants and offset the cost of printing educational brochures, among other expenses.

For more on Divide and Multiply, visit the website.



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