Fasting for monarchs?

“I will be on a LIQUIDS-ONLY FAST until December 20th, until Monarch butterflies are ensured enough milkweeds to lay eggs on and eat; THEN I WON’T EAT!”



Today begins a season of fasting in remembrance of the fact that after a year of hand-wringing about monarch butterfly and milkweed declines, there is no substantial reorientation in our use of agricultural chemicals impacting them, no fewer acres going out of milkweed habitat and into ethanol production or urban development, and far less than 1000 acres of new milkweed habitat has been planted this year to offset the damage and deferred maintenance of healthy habitat that monarchs have suffered the last 15 years.

Corporations on both sides of the food labeling debate put $25 million this year into decisive politics, which is ten times what the government recently put into milkweed habitat restoration.

I am calling on all individuals, non profits and especially corporations in the food supply chain to collectively pledge $25 million to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation or other third party endowments to be earmarked for helping farmers and ranchers restore milkweed habitat for monarchs and pollinators on their lands.


Picture By: Ina Warren

I will be fasting on teas, juices and broths until that initial goal is met. Make Way for Monarchs and give them the potential of toxic-free feast equivalent to what you want for your family and friends over the holidays.

I will be among those discussing details of a collaborative agenda for fast tracking milkweed, monarch and milkweed recovery today at the Entomology Society of America meetings in Portlandia: “Recovering monarch butterfly populations in North America: A looming challenge for science, the public, industry and legislators.” Let crowd funding to feed crowds of starving monarchs begin!

– Gary Paul Nabhan, Brother Coyote, OEF

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