Coreopsis spp. Tickseed; Dye Flowers; Lady’s Breast Pin; Old Maid’s Breast Pin; Wild Flax; koris > bedbug; opsis > eye.

Sometimes called Calliopsis (new Latin > beautiful eyes) That name really ticks me off.

The name Tickseed comes from its flat small fruits (achenes) that are roundish in shape with two short spines that give it a bug-like look.

Coreopsis generally has 8 showy ray flowers and show-y they are. Their names are richer than Howard Hues… Cultivar names to entice you: Crème Brûlée; Pinwheel, Moonbeam; Early Sunrise; Sonnekind; Little Sundial, Tequila Sunrise, Autumn Blush… And Mouse-ear Coreopsis? Now I ask you, how cute is that?

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