Goldenrod – Solidago


Goldenrod – Solidago


Goldenrod; Solidago > to make whole or solid; linked to its use as a medicinal plant; New genus: Oligoneuron.

For a variety of insects shopping for nectar and pollen, and willing to pay for it in pollination services, goldenrods offer copious amounts of nectar to swallowtails, common sulphurs, American coppers, gray hairstreaks, skippers, and checkerspots as well as short and long-tongued bees, flies, wasps and beetles. Perhaps the migrating monarch benefits most from the nectars of this wonderful plant.

Coastal Seaside goldenrod – Solidago sempervirens is one of the best fall nectar plants for migrating monarch butterflies along the eastern sea coast, especially near the Cape May Bird Observatory.

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