Joe Pye Weed – Eutrochium


Joe Pye Weed – Eutrochium


Now considered Eutrochium, a change from the also recent change to Eupatoriadelphus spp. (“brother of Eupatoriums”, its former  genus) as in Philadelphia, city of brotherly love … intended as a refuge for the peaceable Quakers—hence its former name, Quaker City.

Other common names: Gravelweed; gravelroot; Queen of the Meadow; Indian sage; thoroughwort; ague weed, feverweed; purple boneset.

Common names in Mexico: Lengua de vaca, Borreguilla, Hierba de la mula, Amargocilla, Hierba amargosa, Hierba (Yerba) del ángel, H. del burro, H. del perro, Huirapen, Peistó grande, Pestó, Pexto, Sopa, Yolochichitl; Flor de cedazo, sedaso; Vara Blanca.

Butterflies are attracted to fragrant nectar in the tubular florets. It has only disk flowers, [no ray flowers] in large ball-shaped heads. They have the most gorgeous colors from a pinky lavender to old rose.

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