Nursery Management for Rural Development


Nursery Management for Rural Development

Seed Collection, Nursery Propagation and Ecological Restoration for Native Plants with a Focus on Milkweed & Monarch Habitat Restoration in Parks, on Farms and Ranches—Bilingual (English/Spanish)


LOCATION: UA Santa Cruz (rm N351), Nogales
INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Gary Nabhan
FEE: $75.00
TO REGISTER CALL: 520-626-5093
Bilingual (Spanish & English)

A syllabus will be provided: topics will include establishing greenhouse and shade house nurseries; propagation methods for wild native and cultivated plants, distribution of milkweed in the borderlands, data taking and monitoring and out planting into restoration and reclamation habitats.

As well as classroom lectures, field trips to nurseries and greenhouses in the Nogales, Rio Rico, Amado and Patagonia areas of Santa Cruz County will be integrated into the curriculum. All materials will be presented bilingually, including quizzes and exams.

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