Pollinator Giving Trees – a fun hands-on project to learn about pollinators



This week marks the beginning of our second annual “Pollinator Giving Tree” community project. The dates are flexible but can be mid-October to late winter.

The theme for this year’s trees is sunflowers! While there were thousands of people who added nectar flowers and milkweeds to their yards in 2015, we (and the pollinators that depend on them) actually need many millions of gardens planted.

Since a lot of folks have limited or no gardening experience and need assurance they can have success with replacing a portion of lawn with a small flower garden, we’re suggesting they begin with SUNFLOWERS.

Most sunflowers are US natives, easy to grow and the inexpensive seed are readily available. As annuals, they sprout, grow, blossom and produce seed in one growing season. Highlighting our Pollinator Giving Tree project with a sunflower theme will help promote sunflower pollinator gardens throughout 2016.

Download the entire PDF of Pollinator Giving Tree (0.98 MB)


Ina Warren is a freelance naturalist, lecturer, and educator and lives everyday in complete awe of the natural world. As a Conservation Specialist with Monarch Watch, she provides monarch conservation programs to schools (K-16), civic groups and natural resource agencies. Ina has visited Mexico four times to study the overwintering sites for a book in process called the “Monarch and Milkweed Almanac”.


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