Report on the Moral Action on Climate Rally



Milkweed Seed Packets: a great success!

Make Way for Monarchs’ endorsement of the Moral Action on Climate Rally in September began with an idea to promote monarch conservation and to share locally native milkweed seed with the larger community to & raise the level of awareness on habitat of pollinators.

We initially hoped parents attending the Moral Action on Climate Rally on 9/24 on the National Mall would allow their young kids to dress up as little “pollinators” – honeybees, butterflies, dragonflies and bats… And some of them did! As the scope of the rally grew massive and new security guidelines were issued, we realized we couldn’t use our rolling, street festival carts as portable show-and-tell life cycle exhibits with the crowds. So we narrowed our focus to individually distributing milkweed seed packets and talking monarch conservation to those who wanted to help.


Download the PDF of the Autumn Newsletter – 6 pages (0.98 mb)


Ina Warren is a freelance naturalist, lecturer, and educator and lives everyday in complete awe of the natural world. As a Conservation Specialist with Monarch Watch, she provides monarch conservation programs to schools (K-16), civic groups and natural resource agencies. Ina has visited Mexico four times to study the overwintering sites for a book in process called the “Monarch and Milkweed Almanac”.



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