Our Methods

  1. High profile public education events by scientists, farmers, naturalists, writers, artists, ecological restorationists and other change makers are being scheduled for Washington D.C., St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Burlington, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Portland, Concord, Durham, and El Paso between January 22th and June 22th, 2014.
  2. Training workshops for farmers, ranchers, highway landscape designers and roadside maintenance crews on how to minimize harm to milkweeds and monarchs, led by farmers or by weed scientists.
  3. Other training events for citizen scientists, students, master gardeners and master naturalists on how to monitor larvae and tag monarch butterflies.
  4. Respectful dialogues and social engagement with government agency officials, industry and farmer organization leaders including not only scientists and farmers, but ethicists, educators, faith-based community leaders and sustainable agriculture leaders as well.
  5. Ramped-up seed production, nursery propagation and sales of milkweeds native to each region.
  6. Youth engagement through art, literature, dance, reflection, and social media networking to express their concerns for, and love of monarchs.
  7. Attracting more funding for and attention to the websites of the most reputable, long-standing as well as new innovative groups engaged in monarch monitoring, butterfly conservation and environmental education.
  8. Social media networking with imaginative messaging to engage a wide variety of ages and interest groups in tangible on-ground and policy actions.
  9.  Shaping and advancing action items for new policies and regulatory practices that agencies can adopt without legislative approval.