MJV logo_vertical2Monarch Joint Venture

Recognizing that North American monarch (Danaus plexippus) conservation is a responsibility of Mexico, Canada and the United States, as identified in the North American Monarch Conservation Plan, this Joint Venture will work throughout the U.S. to conserve and protect monarch populations and their migratory phenomena by implementing science-based habitat conservation and restoration measures in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

This goal will be achieved through a combination of habitat conservation, enhancement and restoration, education, and research and monitoring.






the Southwest Center

The Southwest region has been a crossroads of cultures, languages, customs, and ideas. Its diverse ethnic groups and societies, past and present, lend the Southwest a distinct regional identity, shaped by the land itself.

It was in recognition of that special character that the Southwest Center was first conceived at a conference held at San Xavier del Bac Mission, outside Tucson, in 1978, when then-president John Schaefer and field historian Bernard L. Fontana, among others, first proposed that an institution devoted to regional studies be founded at the University of Arizona. Eight years later, their vision was realized with the formal establishment of the Southwest Center.









earthministry2Earth Ministry

For over 20 years, Earth Ministry has been the statewide leader in engaging the religious community in environmental stewardship and advocacy. Our Greening Congregations Program was the first in the country to help houses of worship implement sustainable practices, and our faithful advocacy program is on the cutting edge of empowering clergy and lay leaders to speak out on public policy issues. Through education, outreach, organizing, and training, Earth Ministry builds a powerful moral constituency of people of faith taking action for the health of our communities and the environment.

Mission Statement: Earth Ministry’s mission is to inspire and mobilize the religious community to play a leadership role in building a just and sustainable future.







GreenFaith is an interfaith coalition for the environment that was founded in 1992. We work with houses of worship, religious schools and people of all faiths to help them become better environmental stewards.

We believe in addressing environmental issues holistically, and are committed to being a one-stop shop for the resources and tools religious institutions need to engage environmental issues and become religious-environmental leaders.






ipl2Interfaith Power & Light

Interfaith Power & Light is mobilizing a religious response to global warming. The mission of Interfaith Power & Light is to be faithful stewards of Creation by responding to global warming through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

This campaign intends to protect the earth’s ecosystems, safeguard the health of all Creation, and ensure sufficient, sustainable energy for all. Since the year 2000, IPL has helped thousands of congregations address global warming by being better stewards of energy.

We have a track record of tangible results: shrinking carbon footprints and educating millions of people of faith about the important role they have to play in this challenging issue.





orion2Orion Magazine

In the intervening thirty years, Orion has become a focal point in an extraordinarily rich period of nature writing, and it has remained true to that core conviction, though the magazine has evolved into a bimonthly and the range of its interests has broadened to include not only environmental but cultural concerns.

Orion’s mission is to inform, inspire, and engage individuals and grassroots organizations in becoming a significant cultural force for healing nature and community.






Rachel Carson Landmark Alliance

Rachel Carson Landmark Alliance (RCLA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to developing educational information and intergenerational initiatives for public participation that reflect Rachel Carson’s ecological legacy and her courageous life in conjunction with the house where she wrote Silent Spring.







voicesforearthjustice2aVoices for Earth Justice

Believing God is revealed in all of Creation, we raise our voices as members of Earth community. Our planet, our home, is charged with life, and its beauty expresses and nourishes our common spirituality.

Yet Earth is being threatened by human activity. Thus Earth-Keeping is a moral issue based on justice, and we work for right relationships with everything God creates.