Ina Warren

pollinator garden

Celebrating Mother’s Day with great plants for pollinators

Each year for Mother’s Day, flowers are the “gift of choice” for Moms since they represent such colorful beauty, fragrance and intricate designs.

Whether it is a vase of fresh cut flowers, an indoor arrangement or perennials for the outside garden, flowers help us express our heart-felt sentiment on Mother’s Day…

This Little Yard of Mine

This Little Yard of Mine – Monarchs, Milkweeds and Music

It has been said that for any “movement” to succeed, a moving theme song is needed. That may be true.

Bob Dylan’s “The Times, They are a-changing” and “Blowing in the Wind”; Pete Seeger’s “We Shall Overcome” and “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” and Peter, Paul and Mary’s “If I Had a Hammer” are but a tiny sample of the soul-moving tunes that come to mind when thinking of the 1960s civil rights movement.


Acknowledging the Blessings on the Pollen Path

Recently Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan and I attended several meetings in Washington D. C. as part of a February leadership initiative for “Make Way for Monarchs – A Milkweed-Butterfly Recovery Alliance.”

Immediately prior to journeying north from Asheville, and about the same time the monarchs in Mexico were about to journey north…