A Una Mariposa Monarca

Tu que vas por el día
como un tigre alado
quemándote en tu vuelo
dime qué vida sobrenatural
está pintada en tus alas
para que después de esta vida
pueda verte en mi noche

(Trans. George McWhirter)


Writer Homero Aridjis (born April 6, 1940) is a Mexican poet, novelist, environmental activist, journalist and diplomat known for his originality and independence. In March 1985, Aridjis founded and became president of the Group of 100, an association of prominent artists and intellectuals, devoted to environmental protection and the defense of biodiversity in Mexico and Latin America. Under his leadership the Group of 100 achieved in 1986 the official decree ensuring protection for the forests where the migratory monarch butterfly overwinters near where he and his wife Betty live. From April 2007 until the abolition of the post in January 2010 he was Mexico’s ambassador to UNESCO, where he was a staunch defender of human rights, freedom of expression and cultural diversity.